How To Use URL Shortener To Grow Social Engagement?

How To Use URL Shortener To Grow Social Engagement?


Do you want to grow engagement on your social media handles? If yes, you can do that with the right URL shortener tool.


When it comes to online marketing, social media plays a significant role. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have a massive user base. Being your business/brand registered to social channels is as important as having a website.

And, it’s not just about signing up on various social media channels. To increase your business visibility online, it is also essential to work on content marketing. You need to work on engaging with your audience to convert your prospects into actual customers.  is the best URL shortener on the market. Here are different ways to use this tool to grow your social engagement:

1. Maximize your space

One of the best and effective ways to use a URL shortener is to maximize the space. The tool will help you make your long and boring URL into the short one. When you shorten the URL that you want to share on social media, the URL doesn’t just become user-friendly and appealing; it maximizes the space as well. The more space you get, the more content you can add to your social media post. This way, you can include everything you want to tell to your audience. For example, Twitter is a platform with limited character counts. With a long URL, you will not get the space to include what you want to tell your audience.

2. Drive traffic to your social channels

Sharing your social media channels on your website or other digital channels can be an excellent way to increase traffic to your social channels. You may want to drive traffic from your website, print ads, posters, or any other channel. Using a link shortener will allow you to customize the URL and create branded short links. For example, you can customize your URL to -

3. Use URLs in social profiles

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social media platform, all of them have the option to add the link in bio. Among various social platforms, Instagram is the platform that allows adding the link in the bio section only. It does not allow sharing links inside the individual posts. If you want to drive traffic from your social media profile to any landing page or any website page, long URLs can look boring. This is when the importance of using the right link shortener comes in. The social channel’s bio section is where you can make your URL stand out. With the link shortener tool, you can make the long URL of the landing page look clean and easy to read.

4. Track links in the images

track links

Another way you can use the custom link shortener tool to grow your social engagement is by tracking links in the images on social posts. A short URL will be easy to remember for your audience. When you include a short URL as text in an image, it increases the chances people will type in that URL in the browser to get to your website. On the other hand, when you share long and boring URLs as text in the images on social media posts, significantly less to no user will type in that URL in the browser. As shortened URLs can be tracked, it will provide you an idea about how many users have reached your website or webpage by typing the URL in their browsers.

5. Provide a call to action

call to action


Another fantastic way you can use a URL shortener to increase engagement on your social media is by providing the call to action (CTA). URL shortening tools like allow adding customization to the link and adding a CTA into it. By including CTA in the link itself, you do not have to tell your audience about where a particular URL will bring them.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to online marketing, social media plays a crucial role. Links to your blog posts and landing pages can be a bit longer and quite boring for users. is the best URL shortener for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other platforms. It will help you turn long links into short and clean ones.


With the right tool, you can shorten Facebook URL, Instagram URL, or any other social media platform’s URL. Here we have discussed different ways you can use this tool to increase engagement on your social media.