Short Linker For SMS Marketing

Short Linker For SMS Marketing


Are you leveraging SMS marketing for your business? If yes, it is imperative to make sure whatever tools and strategies you are using for your SMS marketing are proper.


Not paying proper attention to the right tools and tactics will result in poor marketing results. So, when it comes to marketing, it is crucial to focus even on minor things. Minor things can create a significant impact on conversion rate.

The reason why businesses and brands leverage SMS marketing is due to their result-effectiveness. Do you know that 90% of SMS messages are read within three minutes of being sent?


Just because SMS is an amazing marketing method doesn’t mean you should not be conscious about what you communicate. When your messages are seen, they should be friendly and appealing to your users. With your SMS, you need to give your customers a reason to click on your provided link.

Advantages of Using A Link Shortener For SMS Marketing

Before adding a link to your website or any other CTA (call to action), it is advisable to shorten it. The link shortener tool can benefit your SMS marketing in a number of ways. Here are the points explaining benefits of using a link shortener for SMS marketing:

Add your brand to the link


Do you want to add your brand name to the links on messages you send? Yes? This is possible using the right link shortener tool. For businesses, branding is so important. Focusing on branding will help you stand apart from your other competitors. Adding your brand to the link will allow you to build the connection with your users. When you focus on branding your messages, each SMS you have sent will have your business brand name in it. By adding a brand name to the links inside SMS will make it easy for your recipients to recognize your brand.

More room for the message

SMS messaging


Another advantage of using a link shortener for SMS marketing is, it provides more room for your message. When you customize the link and shorten it, it won’t just help you with branding, it will provide you more space as well. SMS with long links won’t just be boring, they will also have less space for the message. Without using a link shortener tool, you will have a limited space to write your message. You won’t be able to write your message and add CTA properly.

Customize the back-half of your links

A link shortener won’t just help you shorten your links, it will let you customize as well. With the right URL shortening tool, you will have the ability to customize the back-half of your links. This way, you are providing a preview to your audience of where you are sending them. Let’s say, you want to send users to your limited time offer page. In this case, you can shorten and customize your long, boring URL into a short URL. For example, It can be something lik -

Improved user experience

You don’t want to bore your customers with long, boring links, right? This is when the importance of link shortener comes in. With a link shortener, you can add customization to your links and provide better user experience. People are very less likely to click on longer links. They look boring and spammy as well. By improving the user experience, you can enjoy improved conversion rate.

Analyze data and improve


For SMS marketing, your main goal is to get more link clicks, right? To achieve this goal, it is really important to track the performance. Without tracking and analyzing data, how would you know about the performance? So, another advantage of link shorteners is they have the ability to track and analyze the data. URL shortening tools like can help you track the number of link clicks, their location, time, etc. This way, you can analyze your performance and work on improving it.

Final Thoughts

SMS marketing is an amazing way to reach your customers and promote your products/services. Rather than sending out long & boring links, using a link shortener tool like can help you make your links more user-friendly and appealing.